Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is Yolanda?

As promised before, here is the story behind my blog name.

A couple years ago my family and our friends (the Peeks)  ate at Los Amigos a lot.  I would almost always order the Yolanda entrée (2 chicken enchiladas and rice, i think).  At this time everyone started to tell me that I talked to myself too much.  My family and the Peeks decided to name the voice in my head Yolanda.
This has always stuck with me to this day.  Now many other voices have joined Yolanda in my head--Georgina, Penelope, and others (they do not want to be named at this time :D ).
Last year I realized that the different voices have different handwriting.  I noticed that I wrote differently on my history test essays.  My teacher actually began to think that I did have a split personality.

**I am in no way making light of the fact that some people actually live with the real diagnosis of split personality or voices in their head.**

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